Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Zumba sisters of Hammondsport

I met Delia Lopez-Stull in the parking lot at WalMart in Watkins Glen over a year ago and I've been trying to get organized enough to get over to try her class ever since. It's about a 20 to 25 minute drive but somehow I got into my head that it was 50 minutes, and since they teach at 8 a.m.... well, my attending the morning class seemed unlikely.

When I met Delia last summer, she had just taught a Zumba class and had raced over to shop in Watkins, still wearing her Zumba workout clothes --- a great marketing device and a great way to meet friends. Of course, I accosted her with my usual 20 questions.
The Hammondsport Zumba sisters: Evelyn (L) and Delia (R)

Delia and her sister Evelyn are originally from Puerto Rico, by way of NYC --- Delia retired from a career there before moving to live full time in Hammondsport and starting her new Zumba career. Evelyn moved there three years ago.

Having sisters teach together sounded intriguing --- I find having two instructors often enhances a class; two styles, two levels of impact. I wasn't disappointed in the experience.

While one sister leads, the other sister either moves to the middle of the pack or to the back so when you're turning, there's someone leading from both sides of the room. It's really helpful in a room without mirrors and when you are new to the routines.

They said their afternoon and evening classes are packed and the morning class is smaller. That's the opposite of what is happening in our area. Interesting.

They did some of the 'traditional' Zumba songs and routines but modified them to suit their own styles and likes, making songs easier to follow or more fun. And they had a lot of fine beats, a lot of enthusiasm. They are definitely keeping the party in Zumba. If it feels like an exercise class or I want to look at my watch, it's not working for me....

Next time I want to visit their class after school, held on the school grounds where Evelyn says sometimes her 12-year-old son leads a song by popular demand. Love getting that age generation involved. Why wait?

You can catch their classes Mondays and Thursdays, with a toning class on Saturday. You won't be disappointed.


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