Thursday, November 29, 2012

Have Sound System - will beach Zumba

Two weeks after arriving in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I couldn't stand it. No exercise? No dancing? No laughing?

No way.

I explored some of the local gyms and resorts and teaching anywhere was going to be too complicated, for a variety of reasons. So with the management support at Bahia del Sol in Nuevo Vallarta, I hung out my Zumba shingle on the beach and cranked up the music.

Second day of Beach Zumba at Bahia del Sol, Nuevo Vallarta

Wow, did it work!

Vacationers from the condo, people taking morning walks, random exercisers. No matter. Some weird version of a flash mob? Who knows. I just hope it keeps up. I've added Saturday, so now we'll be out there shaking it up on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays at 8 a.m --- and hoping for a low tide. More flat, more hard pack.

I ordered a Pyle Pro PA system and brought it down in the shipping carton, no problema. It's the same system I used in the States.  I brought the receipt for customs, which they actually asked for --- probably assuming it cost way more than the $180 I paid for it. I knew from experience that electronics are very pricey or unavailable in Mexico.

So I wheel it down to the beach, hang out the Zumba poster, crank up the sound, like the Pied Piper.

Pure fun in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
I'm doing an active version of Zumba Gold --- or a low impact version of Zumba. I have all ages but more of retirement age than youthful, at least so far. My simplest explanation is that this is Zumba and I don't jump. I illustrate how to bring up the cardio or lower the impact. But basically we just wing it, keep moving and have fun.

The other challenge, I would anticipate, is having many short-timers joining us for a week or two,  with only a small core group of hard-core, die-hard participants. So I'll plan to keep the routines simple and fun and keep the more complicated, 'dancey' ones to a minimum.

But this is a dream come true --- seriously --- to head down to a warm Mexican beach for an hour of Zumba.  Get my exercise, get my laughs, get my morning chats. Followed by a morning soak in the pool.

Now, on to the rest of the day, feelin' grand!

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