Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking Beach Zumba to the Hector Wine Company

We started our seasonal Beach Zumba class today at the Hector Wine Company with plans to move down to the beach on the east side of Seneca Lake, New York,  as soon as the weather consistently cooperates.

Our first Beach Zumba class at the Hector Wine Co.
Somehow this morning's group --- the Hearty Hector Warrior Women --- would normally be categorized as Zumba Gold candidates because of their ages --- many in the 60s and 70s.

But this group is not the 'On Golden Pond' crowd. They have spent a lifetime of walking, doing yoga, working in their gardens, and boy oh boy, has it paid off. Physically fit, able to move, dance, follow routines and still remember to HAVE FUN! Because that's the Zumba deal for me. Dance, have fun, get or stay physically fit, have a few laughs. What more could we ask for?

Setting up class at the wine bar
The Hector Wine Company, located on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail,  is perfect --- lots of room, good floor, lots of natural light. And a bonus --- the wonderfully friendly Luna, a huge Great Pyrenees/Irish Wolfhound is delighted to keep us company while we work out.

We'll meet back up at HWC on Friday morning for another workout and keep checking the weather until it's time for Beach Zumba to head down to the beach.

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